Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fall is Here....

The  leaves are finally turning and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  With that being said, My-Kim is so excited to release our Fall is Here photo shoot pics right in time for the Holidays!! 

With the slight chill finally in the air, we have the perfect selection of sweaters, jackets, and dresses to keep you nice and warm, but all the while stylish ;) 


Check out our behind the scenes Fall is Here Shoot:

Thanks to Emily, she found this rustic, charming cabin to shoot in front of.  As soon as we got there, it started to rain ;( But a little rain wasn't going to stop us!! With a car fully loaded with new arrivals, we were determined to get this shoot done...even if if it meant I had to tote an umbrella around over Elle so her camera wouldn't get wet!lol

Taylor always makes sure each model's shirt is tucked, sash is tied, and hair's in place. Each outfit is always neatly hung and ready to go and  nicely organized afterwards. We love our neat and tidy Taylor ;)

Here's sweet go to when I have no idea what goes with what!  Amazing at visuals we don't know what we'd do without her. Thanks Emily for the great referral ;)

So off we went to our next  location....

So us girls were all having a grand ol' time until the grumpy ol' policeman showed up!  With 7 beautiful girls, we still couldn't convince him to let us stay parked there.  Turns out the rustic charming cabin was his office!lol
On to our 2nd location and last but not least and the one that makes it all happen, our talented photographer, Elle Olivia Anderson!!! Ambitious to get that perfect shot, she's not not letting the table get in her way! 

~ Thanks to all the sweet girls that came out and helped with the shoot. Through the rain and chaos, ya'll helped make it happen. Love each and every one of ya'll to pieces!!! ~


Monday, February 25, 2013

how it all started....

It was After Six and we were about to close our doors when in walked a cute little petite girl.  Barely open a week, we were still overly excited to have someone in the store even after hours. She kept apologizing that we were about to close, but continued to float from rack to rack.  She was entranced with the array of colors, which pretty much sums up Ms. Elle Olivia; always entranced or “In the Zone” when her creative brain is racking up potential images for photography.  You see, for me, I get “in the zone” looking at fabrics. When I look at fabrics, I see dresses. I’m pretty sure when Elle looks at outfits, she imagines photos. A photo idea pops up for every oufit she sees!

To make a long story short, this is how our relationship began with Ms. Elle from Elle Olivia Photography that one day After Six... 

Elle from Elle Olivia Photography

Talented and devoted to her photography passion, Ms. Elle Olivia has done amazing work capturing the essence of My-Kim.  And only someone as talented as her could create images in places you NEVER thought would work.  She started out in our sitting room....

and then to a bush in front of our store....

... to a run down peeling side of a building, to the back patio of a neighboring bar..... 

and ended up where it all started, in the very back inventory room of My-Kim! Wherever it may be, this girl could make it work!

And yes, those are cellphones, a cracker box, and a wallet holding down the balloons!!!...we are very innovative here at My-Kim!lol


So with all these great images and practice, we decided to venture a little further for the next location and no better place then South Carolina's very finest: Charming Charleston!!! 

So off the My-Kim crew went with a whole wardrobe and changing room in the back of our cars!! 

But little did we know that the weekend we picked would be FREEZING!!!

Our poor models trying their best to stay warm ;(
But good thing we had caramel macchiatos to keep us warm...thanks to Caroline's Mom ;)

MK, Caroline, and her sweet Mom that brought us Starbucks and Krispy Kreme  ;)

After a FREEZING morning shoot at the marina, we took a quick break for some Crab Cakes and Bloody Mary's....

A Charleston trip wouldn't be complete w/o crabcakes and bloody mary's!!!

Wing is a pro at holding the board!!!...Thanks Wing ;)

And finally after a longggg day of shooting and cute outfits, we wrapped up and couldn't be happier with how perfect everything went!

BIGGGG THANKS to Elle Anderson (photographer), Mary Kathryn Gatlin (makeup artist and planning everything out to a T), Kristen Prichard (hair stylist that whipped up dos faster then we could get the models to change), and our BEAUTIFUL models Caroline Fritze, Hannah Mazyck, and Mikal Sigourney Davis

The My-Kim team after a crazy day of shooting 25 outfits!!!

We are super pumped about releasing our Spring Look Book 2013 just in time for Spring's a sneak peak....

Sneak Peak of sweet Caroline in the My-Kim Spring Look Book!!!

Stay tuned for the complete Look Book full of spring looks you'll be sure to fall in love with ;)

~ If it wasn't for that one day After Six, we would never have the opportunity to create these amazing photos. Thanks so much to Elle, for coming in that one day and becoming a part of our My-Kim family ;) ~

Thanks for reading, 
Denise My-Kim